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Ask your audience questions and get real-time feedback.

Audience response systems offer many potential benefits to those who use it in group settings. Improve attentiveness, increase knowledge retention, poll anonymously, track individual responses and display polling results immediately. Create an interactive and fun learning environment, confirm audience understanding of key points immediately and gather data for reporting and analysis.


Trivia shows
trivia shows
Audience Response Systems

Audience Response Systems - Polling

Up to 100 attendees can be logged into our audience response polling system. Our QuizXpress director will set up your questions, program your remotes and help you achieve your goals before, during and after your event. An audience response system gives you the opportunity to make a meeting a dynamic exchange of ideas and opinions. When your audience response keypads are in the hands of meeting attendees your event becomes a powerful data collection tool. You can collect and track knowledge and opinions using custom questions, entertain participants with fast paced games and generate response reports. Call or email to discuss your event.

Team Building

Competitive Team Building

Interactive audience response game shows can test a group on current and future products, company history or important events. The game show format can promote team building and also assess information retention and understanding. With our software you can track individual scores or create teams by table, department or demographic. Call or email to discuss your event.